Learn more about Chases artist Meghan Samson in three questions

What themes do you pursue?
My artistic theme is all about narrative.  Both personal and broad, thematically. I deal with ideas of self and portraiture, as well as relationships and memories of times and experiences. I enjoy reminiscing through these ideas, or sometimes just directly dealing with a moment or feeling. 

What work do you most enjoy doing?
For me, the work is like a story: Unfolding a tale about itself and myself, as it's being made. Drawing fuels my desire to share my story, my experiences, and the clay actualizes them. It's like a relationship, how two things meet and live. In the studio, for example, I begin with coiling the clay and this large lumpy mass eventually reveals itself and I can recognize where it lives within the narrative. This is my enjoyment; getting to see what comes of the clay, and constantly being surprised.

What is integral to the work of an artist?
I think it has a lot to do with a rigorous practice. Even if it is just a daily drawing or sitting in your studio staring at the work. Coming to it every spare moment is so important to your commitment to making. The understanding that it lives if you feed it.  That is integral for me. I feel more connected to the work if I am involved in it more often. And the work just keeps evolving from that sort of practice. I need to be productive in order for me to feel like it is genuinely a part of myself. 

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