Grand Opening of the Chases Store
Saturday, October 17th, 2015
4:00pm - 8:00pm
this event is free and open to the public

ATTENTION HOLIDAY SHOPPERS: Every year Chases gets a little bigger and a little better, this year we'd like to introduce the Chases Store. With small items from our studio artists, prints, hand-made jewelry, artist' books, class materials and Chases Tees, the Store offers another opportunity to support your favorite local artist colony, ALL YEAR-ROUND! Keep your eyes peeled for our online store, gift certificates and new inventory coming in throughout the year. 

Some Inventory Includes...
Ceramics - Mary Sweeney
Small Island, Big Picture - Alexandra de Steiguer
Ceramics - Jean Lincoln
Jewelry - Sam Goodall
Hand Carved Burl Vessels - Pete Fischer
Ceramic Flasks - Patrick Scully
Enamel & Collage Jewelry - Tara Morin
Chases Logo T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Aprons & Bags
Ned Roche's Buffalo Tees
William Arthur's Come On In Tees
Wintergreen Prints - William Arthur
Linocuts & original drawings - Alyssa Grenning
Silkscreen Prints - Dylan Haigh, Cait Giunta, Ned Roche
Woodblock Prints - Jake Cassevoy
Ceramics - Meghan Samson
Beginner Ceramic Tool Sets, Bats, Rag Paper, Wood Carving Tools & More Chases Class Materials