Learn more about Chases artist and silkscreen instructor, Dylan Haigh in three questions;

How did you start silkscreening?
I think my screen printing adventure started the same way it does for a lot of people, which is out of necessity. I was playing in punk bands in the 90's when I was in middle and high school and my bands and friends' bands would often need posters and flyers, patches and t-shirts so we'd make little one off print runs with a VERY rudimentary setup. I ended up revisiting screen printing in my 20's, after I'd started a career as a graphic designer and became aware of the vibrant, professional gig poster printing scene.


What is the best advice you can give to a beginner screen printer / someone looking to start learning silkscreening?
Make mistakes and try new things! Screen printing, like all printmaking, requires lots of experimentation and troubleshooting to make the process your own. But ultimately, I think that's what makes the magic - you can fine tune and tweak until you're printing at a super precise level or you can discover happy accidents along the way that become part of your visual language. 


What is your favorite print that you have ever made and why?
My favorite print always tends to be the last one I've made, so at the moment, I'd say the poster I made for the last night of 3S Artspace's opening weekend is my favorite. I love it because it was designed specifically to be a print and I think you can tell. You can screen print any image under the sun but what looks best is most often designs that were always intended to take advantage of the quirks of this process.

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