Get to know our kiln builder & workshop instructor, Tyler Gulden in three questions:


Are spouts just for teapots? / What is a spout?
Spouts are not just for teapots! Spouts by definition are lips or channels (opened or closed) from which liquids are directed or dispersed. Forms that incorporate spouts are pitchers, soy bottles, ewers, tulipiers, to name a few. As well, the spout shape can be used for non-traditional purposes - in my talk I'll show examples of how I've used spouts in ways other than for pouring. 


What is the best advice you can give when it comes to building a good spout?
Two pieces of advice I can give on building a good spout are 1. Be sure it "fits" the form visually and functionally; 2. Put it on straight!


What is your all time favorite part of making pottery?
There are too many favorite things to choose from when it comes to making pots - however, the greatest joy is simply the time I spend in the studio making my work.


Have another question for Tyler? Ask away in a comment and the spouts master will do his best to answer!


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