Learn more about Mary Sweeney in three questions...


What is the best advice you've ever received for your own practice? To make things in multiples.  Ceramics is very process oriented and it takes LOTS of practice.  When you want to get good at making any form,  you want to make lots of the same form.  By the third time making a form,  you will find the "one" you love the most.


Who is your ceramics hero? I have many ceramic "hero's" but one of my favorite ceramic artist I took a workshop from was Silvie Granatelli. Her pottery is about food presentation and her work is so beautiful.  Being a functional potter myself,  I love that her focus is on how food looks in her forms and its use in all our daily rituals.  I also love the texture she uses in porcelain and the beautiful glazes she uses.


What ceramics books/resources or practices would you recommend to students looking to forward their learning? Ceramics Arts Daily is a great resource.  Its a free website that after you sign up is full of ideas that come to your email on a daily basis.  I always tell students to look at lots of peoples work.  A great website to do that is AKAR design.  Many wonderful potters sell their work here and the work is amazing.

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