What is an etching / Why do you love etching?
An Etching is a means of incising lines in a metal plate with acid for printing in the intaglio technique - The plate is first covered with an acid resistant ground through which the artist scratches a design with a stylus or needle, revealing the bare metal below. This plate is then immersed in an acid bath that cuts the incised lines into the plate.  After the lines have been bitten with acid the plate is clean off, squeegeed with ink, wiped with tarletan and then run through a press with dampened paper on top.

I love etching for the richness of mark.  There is a weight and solidity because the ink doesnโ€™t just sit on top of the paper, it becomes a part of it. 

What is the best advice you can give when it comes to making a successful print?
Keep it clean!  Being consistently tidy will produce better plates and better prints.  

What is your all time favorite part of printmaking?
When you get to finally see a plate you have been working on for a long time.  It is so exciting to see an image you have dreamed up miraculously transfer on to a piece of paper. It is especially wonderful if someone is there to look at the print with you!

Authorcait giunta