Learn more about Patrick Scully, ceramicist & sculptor in three questions...

What is it about Ancient Mesoamerica that you find inspiring?
The art, style and culture from the area has an altogether different look when compared to other ancient art forms. The overall mystery captivated me and cast me under its spell.

Why do you like working with ceramic?
The process of taking an idea, putting it on paper and into completion is very satisfying in any media [Scully also carves ceramic teeth for dentures as a living.] What drew me into ceramics was the appeal of making beautiful sculptures that are also utilitarian. 

What is your favorite piece of work in this exhibit and why?
My favorite piece in the show is the 'Wood Fired Flask' because of the effect gained from melted wood ash on the bare clay surface. I simply let the atmosphere in the kiln glaze the outside of my piece and couldn't be happier with the results.

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Authorcait giunta