ABOVE:  Lori Rollason   Three Morning Glory Jars ,   2014   White Stoneware with White Slip Sgraffito, Reduction Fired

ABOVE: Lori Rollason Three Morning Glory Jars2014 White Stoneware with White Slip Sgraffito, Reduction Fired

Featuring new work by Mary Sweeney, Tyler Gulden, Jake Cassevoy, Sarah Wonson, Bill Cass, Lyell Castonguay and introducing Coco Berkman and Lori Rollason
July 18th - September 13th, 2015

It's our third season at Chases Garage which means summer is finally back in York Beach! To celebrate we're gathering up new ceramics and hand-made prints from some of our favorite local and regional artists. Join us here on Saturday, July 18th from 4:00pm - 8:00pm to learn more about the art of printmaking and ceramics and how these two worlds of art making have more in common than you might think!

Featuring raku, reduction, wood, and soda fired ceramics of local York Harbor artist, Mary Sweeney, new soda fired works from kiln builder, workshop instructor and Maine ceramicist, Tyler Gulden and introducing, Lori Rollason, a New Hampshire based artist who adorns her functional and decorative pottery with sgraffito slips inspired by her love for pattern and fabric. Our etching instructor and print studio manager, Sarah Wonson exhibits her love for printmaking and mixed-media in her printed weavings, Jake Cassevoy demonstrates his love for bold, graphic design in his woodcuts and silkscreens, Bill Cass builds and layers his work using multiple printmaking techniques to create hauntingly playful scenes, Lyell Castonguay exhibits his mastery of multi-color woodblock in his 2' x 4', 8 color layer, two block, edition of 9 Horned Lark Print (holy fade roll) and introducing, Coco Berkman, a Gloucester, MA based artist working in color reductive and black and white linocuts who in a very large labor of love, art, animals and the movies has created Pet Flicks a 36 x 24" hand pulled print of a pet filled theater. The contemporary artwork in this show is accompanied by curated antiques and objects from Smith and Zukas Antiques, Wells, ME.

Gallery Hours: 
Tuesday - Saturday 11:00am - 6:00pm,
Sunday 12:00noon - 4:00pm
We're Open Memorial Day 12:00noon - 4:00pm!

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