Learn more about Karen Orsillo, workshop instructor for Extruder Possibilities, Saturday July 18th, in three questions


What is the best advice you can give when it comes to making & manipulating extruded forms?
 My best advice is to extrude a bunch of forms and play with no expectations. There is a good extruder book to look at by Diane Pancioli, Extruded Ceramics, to get you started.

What do you find inspiration from?
I find inspiration from many sources but mostly from nature especially the seacoast and the garden. The different processes involved with clay often spark ideas for me also.

What is your all time favorite part of making pottery?
Its tough to pick just one all time fave so I'll pick 2! In general clay work I would say that making a fresh new slab ready for texture, slip, forming etc. is so exciting! In colored clay there is nothing better than cutting the first slice off the end of the block to see the pattern you just made.

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Authorcait giunta