Learn more about Lori Watts, workshop instructor for Round is Just the Beginning, in three questions


Can you briefly describe your background and education? (How did you get into clay/When were you first introduced to ceramics?)
My undergraduate degree is in Craft Design, but I was mostly interested in fabric arts. I took ceramics as an elective. After I graduated, though, I found that I couldn’t stop thinking about things that I wanted to make out of clay.

Why are you attracted to making functional ceramics?
Function is an aspect that makes the work more satisfying to me. I’ve done sculptural work, in clay & other media, and I enjoy it while I am doing it, but I always get this let-down, so-what feeling afterwards. Functional pots are in some ways a collaboration between artist and user: the work isn’t finished until it’s in use, and it is in use many times in different ways. It’s artwork that is continually being remade.

Best advice you’ve ever received and given?
From Gustavo Perez, at the 2015 NCECA conference: "It can feel like there is no energy to work, and it is then, exactly then, that you must go work." And also, related: "It is a matter of discipline to work when you feel it, and then, when you don't."


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