Learn more about Janet Burner, workshop instructor for Altered States: Throwing and Altering Techniques, in three questions

What is the best advice you can give when it comes to making & altering forms?
Think loose & don’t worry about the end product…push the envelope. Some of my best, most interesting forms have derived from trying to fix a mistake.

Where/Who/What do you find inspiration from?
 I often find my inspiration from my surroundings. Harry Holl, my mentor & friend who I worked beside for over 30 years, was my greatest teacher. My latest project or firing often leads me on a new path. I love figure drawing and looking at art books of the masters.

What is your all time favorite part of working with ceramics?
Clay itself,  with it’s endless possibilities.  Sculpting and finishing the surface at the leather-hard stage is the zen-perfect part.

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