Learn more about ceramics instructor, C. Cooper in three questions...


Where do you find inspiration?
I continually strive to make better pots and improve the experience of the user. There is always room to improve and make better work. This simple principle drives me to an enduring investment in ceramics.  I draw on traditional American and Japanese designs for my choice if surface treatments and color choices.  

What is the best advice you can give for someone trying to deepen their practice? 
I would encourage anyone working in clay to make sets or series of the same form.  This really helps hone your skills and make considerations and adjustments for each individual part of your piece.  

What is your all time favorite part of working with clay?
I am intrigued by forming and building with clay to explore new possibilities and ideas. The material is incredibly versatile in the way it can be stretched, pulled, textured, carved, and joined together; the possibilities are endless.


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