Form, Figure & Function
July 16th - August 14th, 2016


Chases Garage presents Form, Figure & Function, an exhibition featuring bronze sculpture, large-scale woodcut and other hand-pulled prints, ceramics, lighting fixture and furniture by artists Ernesto Montenegro, Lyell Castonguay, Bill Cass, Mary Sweeney and Ryan Laprise. The exhibit begins Saturday, July 16th and will be celebrated with a pre-show on Friday, July 22nd and an opening reception with hors d'oeuvres on Saturday, July 23rd, both from 4:00-8:00pm at Chases Garage, 16 Main Street in York Beach, Maine.

“We are “meaning machines”, we see shapes in clouds, man in the moon, gods in the stars” says Ernesto Montenegro. In his series of bronze sculptures Flatmensquared, Montenegro seeks meaning in connected boxes through abstracting the human figure. Printmaker, Bill Cass, combines religious imagery and a folk art style in his new linocut, Mr. Merrimack.  Printmaker extraordinaire, Lyell Castonguay is inspired by the variety of the aviary world. He explores the patterning in their plumage and beautiful coloring through woodcut. Industrial designer Ryan Laprise and functional ceramicist Mary Sweeney find their passion in creating beauty in form and function. Reflective of the palette of the woods and sea that surround her in her home town here in York, Maine, Sweeney’s salt, soda, wood-fired ceramics bring together the purpose of everyday life with the unexpected quality of atmospheric firing. Inspiration for Laprise’s fixture and furniture is in the augmentation of geometric forms. Light glows from a web of copper tubes and steel looks effortlessly folded into paper origami forms.