Altered Forms w. Karen Orsillo (Mon Afternoons)

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Altered Forms w. Karen Orsillo (Mon Afternoons)


*Price includes up to 50lbs of clay

7-Week Session:
October 30th - December 11th 2017
Monday Afternoons

Open studio time:
Mondays: 10:00am-1:00pm,
Tuesdays: 10:00am-5:00pm, and
Wednesdayss 10:00am-Noon, during the duration of the course.

Explore the possibilities of combining throwing and hand building to create interesting functional and sculptural work. Intermediate to advanced skill level.


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** For purposes of proper glazing and firing, all students must use cone 10 clay and glazes available at Chases Garage - no clay purchased from outside sources will be permitted for use in this class. We use #900 toast brown stoneware as well as #510 white stoneware from Laguna and BMIX and have approx. 20 glazes and slips available for use in the studio. 

NOTE: Chases is a Cone 10 Reduction Firing Studio - Learn More about Reduction Firing at Ceramic Arts Daily


“reduction firing:

In fuel-burning kilns, firing atmosphere with insufficient oxygen to completely combust fuel, introducing abundance of unoxidized carbon and hydrogen, which extract oxygen molecules from surface of wares, altering appearance of clay and glaze. See climbing reduction. Source: Clay: A Studio Handbook”


More Info from:
LINDA ARBUCKLE - Reduction Firing
The Potter's Studio - Glazing & Firing - PLEASE NOTE CONE 10
Ceramic Arts Daily - Wheel Throwing Techniques
Handbuilding Techniques
Glazing for Success: 12 Tips to Help You Master Pottery Glazing

Inspiration -
Karen Orsillo
Christopher Cooper - Barrel Maker Pottery
Minnesota Potters Tour
Paul Heroux
Chris Archer

Limit: 8 Students

**Up to 50lbs of clay included per class. Additional clay and firing charges for more than 50lbs. All students must use cone 10 clay and glazes available at Chases Garage. 

Instructor: Karen Orsillo
Through a series of demonstrations and exercises in class along with a bit of brainstorming homework you can develope new and unique forms to add to your clay fun! Experimenting and play will definitely be encouraged. 


Karen Orsillo
I have been working with clay clay for over 30 years and I am still inspired by the feel of it in my hands. I have taught many classes and workshops at many levels. Currently I am adjunct faculty in the BFA program ceramics dept. at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester NH. I love sharing my passion for clay.


Learn more about Karen Orsillo, in two questions...

What do you find inspiration from?
I find inspiration from many sources but mostly from nature especially the seacoast and the garden. The different processes involved with clay often spark ideas for me also.

What is your all time favorite part of making pottery?
Its tough to pick just one all time fave so I'll pick 2! In general clay work I would say that making a fresh new slab ready for texture, slip, forming etc. is so exciting! In colored clay there is nothing better than cutting the first slice off the end of the block to see the pattern you just made.