Seeing Color: Color Theory w. Ashley Norman

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Seeing Color: Color Theory w. Ashley Norman


*price includes all materials icluding watercolor starter kit, brushes and paper


Ages 15 - 115

1 Day Workshop:

Saturday, April 18th 12:00noon - 4:00pm

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(IMAGE by Chases' artist, Ashley Norman

Limit: 10 Students 
Using watercolor starter kits, beginner and experienced students in this one day, hands-on workshop will explore the basics of color mixing. In a fun and experimental atmosphere, instructor, Ashley Norman, will cover easy watercolor techniques, tips and tricks as well as strategies to overcome artist's block. The color theory in this workshop can be applied to many other types of art making and each student will walk away with their own original art. 

photograph by  Dan Esposito

photograph by Dan Esposito

workshop includes cotman primary set!

workshop includes cotman primary set!

Get to know Chases artist and workshop instructor, Ashley Norman in three questions:

What is the best advice you can give when it comes to using color?

Start looking at colors around you. If you are trying to think of what color combinations to use, look to nature. Artists and designers have been doing that since the dawn of time. 

Do you intentionally create a distinct color palette in your own artwork, if so, how would you describe it?

I really like to make colors pop and play tricks with the eye. I often go toward complementary color combinations.

What is your all time favorite color?

I LOVE mustard yellow. You can achieve it by mixing the smallest amount of purple with yellow. (Notice that they are complementary colors!)