"An Introduction"

MAY 25th - JULY 21st


Get to know Chases Garage, its history and progression from auto's to art.

ON VIEW: Images from before the Chases were into automobiles and worked on horses, items that have been preserved by old walls and the attic as well as automobilia. Also, works by artists Ned Roche, Cait Giunta, Mary Sweeney, Alexandra de Steiguer, William Arthur, Jameson Connor, Tyler Gibbs, Anita Roche and Peter Fischer.

Sculpture, Ceramic, Paintings, Drawings, Illustration, Archival  Black and White Photography, Wood carving and Woodcut prints for sale. 

THANK YOU: To everyone who has helped us with this project. A special thanks to the artists in our first gallery exhibit, our very good friends, Tyler Gibbs, Peter Fischer, Jameson Connor, Will Lambros, Mary Sweeney and our newest friend and studio mate, Alexandra de Steiguer. Without you all and ALL of our friends, family, locals and local businesses and all of the Chase's family, this project would've been much less fun, thank you.

Chases Garage has evolved long since before we've turned it into an artist community. In 1907, our neighbor, Nancy Chase's grandfather, George A. Chase bought the Fred Lewis  Blacksmith Shop and for a little while, kept with the business of shoeing & jobbing here in York Beach.

 At the same time a town away, the Ogunquit landscape was attracting well known artists. The Woodbury School of Sculpture and Painting and Hamilton Easter Field's Summer School of Graphic Arts were established in Perkin's cove and the area became known as a prominent artist colony. Tourists came to the seacoast from all over and while their new convenient automobile bought them, filling and service stations like Chases kept them sticking around. 

Roof Collapsed

George Chase and his son, Martin, began selling Dodge trucks and cars, plymouths and studebakers, providing Socony Mobilgas and servicing vehicles in their open bay auto garage. Down the street, York Beach was booming, restaurants and entertainment hubs like the Goldenrod, Union Bluff and bowling alley were filled and still are today.  

Chases continued as an auto dealership until 1990, a filling station until 1996 and a service garage until 2000 when Nancy and her cousin, John, decided to sell the garage to Anita and Peter Roche.  At the end of March 2012 we began renovating and so started Chases Garage Artist Studios & Gallery. Come by and check out the rest of our renovations and see what else we've been up to since!


Chases Garage Pencil, Socony Mobil Interior Paint, Oil Can; things found in the wall and attic during renovation 

Glass Oil Canisters, Mobil Sign.; antiques and reproduction automobilia


1925 - Chases pumps gas, services vehicles and sells automobiles

The Gallery at Chases Garage, "An Introduction" Exhibition June 2013. Mary Sweeney, Ned Roche, Cait Giunta, Jameson Connor, Will Lambros, Tyler Gibbs, Peter Fischer, Alex de Steiguer

The Gallery at Chases Garage, "An Introduction" Exhibition June 2013. Mary Sweeney, Ned Roche, Cait Giunta, Jameson Connor, Will Lambros, Tyler Gibbs, Peter Fischer, Alex de Steiguer


Mary Sweeney - Large New White Bowl - Ceramic $72.00

Mary Sweeney - Large New White Bowl - Ceramic $72.00