Painterly Woodcut Relief Print w. Lyell Castonguay (3-Day Weekend Workshop!) MAY


Painterly Woodcut Relief Print w. Lyell Castonguay (3-Day Weekend Workshop!) MAY


*price includes blocks, paper, ink for workshop,
Students are required to purchase chisels as well as few other tools prior to/during the workshop, view materials list below



All skill levels are welcome!

3-Day Weekend Workshop:

Friday - Sunday, May 18th, 19th, 20th, 10:00am - 5:00pm

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Limit: 8 students
Instructor: Lyell Castonguay
In this class, learn to navigate the duality of spontaneous mark marking and precise wood carving as you translate loosely composed brush marks into a two color woodblock print.  Castonguay will guide students through the process of painting, carving, and printing a 12″ x 12″ image.

We begin by focusing on the inherit possibilities of gestural drawing, using your whole arm to articulate shapes and marks with the ink brush.  Among other techniques, students will utilize the “Matisse method" which involves using a long dowel to paint from a distance. The goal of this class is to capture the illusion of immediacy in your woodblock print.  Simple brush strokes are favored and emphasis is placed on each individual mark.  Each stroke will be meticulously carved in order to prepare the painted image for printing. Castonguay will teach proper tool use and maintenance, block preparation and printing. Students will also learn paper registration as they overprint two woodblocks. All skill levels are welcome.