My work pertains to the perception of appropriated, symbolic imagery strewn through an empty field, contrasted against a stark white backdrop. Working in only black ink with slight undertones of grey, I aim to get the viewer questioning: What do these symbols mean? Further pushing themselves to think: Where have I seen these symbols before, and what did they tell me then, and now? A floating hand, a house engulfed in flames… these are not inconceivable, newly contrived symbols, but to each viewer, they tell a different story. By appropriating commonly used imagery into awkward, nuanced compositions, I aim to push each viewer to weave their own narrative based of the notions that they bring their own understanding to the images shown before them. The appropriation of various symbols allows me to adapt new meaning to each sign used, creating an account that is entirely my own. Through the appropriation of various symbols, I aim to create a layer of complexity, which adds a dimensionality to each piece.

These appropriated sites lose the gravity of earth when populated by abstract spots that float, hover, sink, and scatter across the perspectival surface within an entirely new “cartoon” atmosphere. Here, through occupation and abstraction in Stedenfeld’s landscapes, a field of dots within perspective protects us from the harsh realities of invaded and degraded landscapes with their seemingly cheerful anti-matter.




exploring the edges of appropriation
10.20.18 - 12.13.18

Authorcait giunta