Mima Preston is a Vancouver based artist and psychotherapist. Mima’s practice includes performance, installation, and collaboration. Her work explores experiences of loneliness, connection, identity, and mortality. As both therapist and artist she is interested in patterns of human behaviour and personal narrative, specifically how these can be translated into visual language or conceptual beginnings. As a process based artist Mima often employs craft practices such as weaving, pottery, knitting and sewing to create visual evidence of her investigations. Currently she is translating statistical data from mental health surveys into design code for a series of hand-woven textiles.

Me-erlyn is a poster sized photographic print from the performance, Who am I? The performance was created in 1994 without the use of digital photography, Photoshop or social media apps. It was re-photographed, enlarged, and laser printed as a photo conceptualist work in 2003. The artist sits on a beige coach, her upper body concealed behind a poster of the actress Marilyn Monroe. Initially the work explored the desire and longing to change ones identity or image to be something or someone we are not. As a work re-presented in 2018, the work speaks to the appropriation of the celebrity image within social media as a form of status, relevancy, and legitimacy. The work becomes a comment on the effects of altered imagery on a population bombarded with controlled composites of the human body and cultural identity.




exploring the edges of appropriation
10.20.18 - 12.13.18

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