Bending of Wills

Perception of optics means everything to me, what can be seen as indiscernible minuscule dots of thread from one distance, can transform into an unquestionable image of photorealism likeness from another. Ironically, the lack of optics in my subjects garner the opportunity to fill in the blanks and become the curator.

‘Bending Of Wills’ personifies the thin veil of perception and what we think we may see based off the opinions of others not directly affected. We live in a day in time where thinking for ourselves isn’t a priority, but herd mentality and keyboard bullying reigns true. We do not react to what we see organically, but instead search comment sections for a premeditated opinion to something that’s within our rights of feeling.

Witnessing people of specific ethnicities being ostracized and threatened on and offline for using their voices against injustices by those benefiting from appropriation, causes those with the potential power to using their voice into a state of stalemate and loss of fight. No one wants to be the target, yet no one wants to continually see their life be used as an editorial for the runway or a mask on Halloween, but which is worse? So then our views and beliefs become skewed, what used to push us into a rage of ancestral protection has now forced many into a state of latency and asking ourselves is it even that serious? We don’t want to be considered overly-emotionally, we don’t want to be labeled as dramatic, we don’t want to be labeled as individuals who can never take joke and constantly told to relax. To fit in, we emulate and sometimes we destroy everything in the process to do so.

Our wills were once bent at the mercy at what we once believed but now what we tolerate. Training our accents away, refusing customary foods, practices and deciding to not speak out when an obvious appropriation is plaguing your culture. Instead creating a new tradition of resentment and eventually decimating everything that made you different, just not seem so different anymore… Becoming the children of a lost culture.




exploring the edges of appropriation
10.20.18 - 12.13.18

Authorcait giunta