Heat, wireless internet & electric included
Kitchen & Indoor/Outdoor lounge areas
Parking available on site
Basic maintenance and janitorial services
Exhibition & teaching opportunities
Individual artist webpage on
Open studio events
Utility sink
Priority registration to classes & workshops
 Discounted memberships to printmaking & ceramic studios
Optional shared supply ordering (paper, ink, mats, etc.)
Less than a minute walk to downtown and Short Sands Beach
Communal Studio equipped with:
-mat cutter
-light Table
-printer & scanner


Fill out our studio application to get on our wait list for a studio space at Chases.

We carefully review all applications and curate each and every artist that will become a member of Chases based on their application, portfolio review, interview and alignment with the vision of Chases Garage.

Chases is a creative space that allows artists to be productive on their own while encouraging learning and collaboration between artists and the public. By providing a versatile working environment for artists and creative professionals year round, Chases aims to assemble and support a dynamic artist community. Visual artists interested in a professional space to create and learn are eligible to apply for studio space. Tenants will be selected based on their application, portfolio review and interview;

Commitment to quality and professionalism as well as an alignment with the vision of Chases Garage and a focus on experimentation, innovation and/or unconventional arts, materials or techniques qualifies and ideal candidate.

Check out our artist page for some of our "IN-HOUSE" artists' bios, artwork and studio images.


#1.] 13’1”’x13’5” 176 sq. ft. : Kyle Giunta. Mechanical Engineer & woodworking + Cait Giunta, ceramic sculpture 

#2.] 10’x13’5”  134 sq. ft. : Catherine Stewart, writer / director / choreographer

#3.] 11’x13’5”  146 sq. ft. : Ashley Normal, mixed-media collage


#4.} 11’x12’6”(-4 sq.ft.) 134 sq. ft. : Stan Roche, Illustration & Sculpture + Brie Cosman, pen & ink illustration

#5.] 11’x12’6” 138 sq. ft. : Nick Lavecchia, digital photography

Studio "A" Communal workspace & equipment


#6.] 10’2”x14’ 142 sq. ft.  : Susan Macdougall, printmaking & photography

#7.] 10’4”x13’6” 140 sq. ft. : Anne Scheer, painting, mixed-media

#8.] 9’5x13’3”  125 sq. ft. :  Linda Zukas, Mixed Media

#9.] 9’4”’x13’  121 sq ft. : Alexandra de Steiguer : B&W Darkroom Photography